Twilight of the Dominions

Second Interlude

Portents and Plans


Fruz, Subotai and Tymon return to Hillias as minor celebrities, the defeat of the evil cultists added to their notoriety as the mercenaries who eliminated the Red Nomad threat. With the contract with the Blades ending soon, the three plot their next moves:

  • The heroes are given a brief audience with Sajik Tul, a merchant-prince of Hillias and father of the lovely rescued captive Tamira. Fruz’s inquiry about the gladiator arena leads to an introduction to Kimbal, former gladiator and captain of Sajik’s personal guard.
  • Subotai learns that the old sage Poniir may be able to help the young Valk warrior-monk decipher his dreams. He finds Poniir in an old house in the foreign district, and with the wise man’s help understands he is likely being drawn back to the turmoil of Ekram, his home country. Tymon accompanies Subotai so that he can ask about the Keronian scroll recovered from the Red Nomads, Poniir suggests talking to one of the scholars at the Scriptorium of Hillias in the upper district.
  • Rumors reach the heroes that their street fight with Kradik’s gang caught the attention of the “Jackals”, one of Hillias’s notorious thieves guilds. Surprisingly it doesn’t seem the Jackals are interested in revenge but perhaps instead a business opportunity, if the right contacts can be made.



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