Twilight of the Dominions

2nd Saga

Part 1 - Victory in the Red Desert


A few months after their adventure in the Borderlands, Subotai, Tymon and Fruz find themselves in the Independent City of Hillias. Proudly displaying the black and red sashes of Kurdan’s Blades mercenary company, the three quickly establish themselves as capable warriors and scouts. When several caravans are waylaid in the Red Desert, Kurdan orders his trusted lieutenant Gabrela the Gold, an alluring Amazon warrior, to lead a unit of 50 Blades into the desert to find and crush the raiders.

Forming the core of a 5-man scout team, the heroes locate the remains of a recently raided caravan, and then track mounted bandits west through the rocky ravines and gullies of the northwestern desert. There they defeat giant scorpions and Red Nomad warrior champions, but are about to be overwhelmed by a horde of bloodthirsty nomads when Gabrela and the rest of the Blades ride pell-mell in to the fray… In a final, chaotic battle the heroes confront and slay the nomad sorceror-leader Al’Tomesh, breaking the spirit of the Red Nomads to secure the victory.

Gabrela orders her mercenaries to load salvaged caravan cargo on spare horses and camels to take back to the city. While helping load, Cruz notices an ancient looking scroll case hidden in a bundle of silks and decides to hide it inside his shirt for later inspection.




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