Twilight of the Dominions

1st Saga

Rescue in the Black Forest


The saga begins with Fruz, Tymon and Subotai joining forces for the first time as members of the Gray Wolves, a Borderlands mercenary unit assigned to Fort Vanguard near the Black Forest. Ordered to rescue the fort commander’s kidnapped daughter, the heroes track the kidnappers back to a remote Caled village, slaying the wildmen, saving the girl and incurring the wrath of a powerful Caled druid-shaman, Gulta Morn.

Fleeing back to the fort with the girl, the band overcomes torrential rains, Gulta Morn’s devious magical attacks and Caled warrior ambushes, eventually crossing the swollen Black Arrow river only to find the fort has been overrun by a hugely powerful bear summoned by the evil shaman. In a final battle the bear is defeated and the shaman’s power is broken. The heroes make bear claw necklaces to wear as a sign of their victory.




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