Valk Warrior-Monk


Subotai is the son of Khadagan, a “civilized” Valk warlord who rules over tribal lands in northern Ekram granted to his grandfather Jagun by Eku, the 90-year-old Valk king.

Jagun was an advisor to Eku for many years and joined the king on his foray to the demon-controlled city of Collana, which resulted in the king’s conversion to the Path of Enlightenment. Jagun also adopted the Lhoban religion and passed it on to Khadagan who in turn passed it on to Subotai.

As a youth Subotai was mentored in the capital city of Ekul by one of his grandfather’s trusted friends, the Lhoban monk Genzen Ri. During this time Subotai spent time with a very young Yasmine, granddaughter and only surviving heir of the king. She is now 16 and Subotai often wonders what she now looks like – if the rumors of her beauty is true she must truly by the jewel of Ekram.

A few years ago Khadagan’s religious beliefs and association with the Lhoban monks made his tribal lands a target of raids by the “Falcons of Takra”, a Zandorian Valk faction led by Takra, a savage and beautiful Valkyria (demon-worshipping female Valk warrior) fiercely opposed to the cultural and religious changes instituted by Eku.

Subotai fought alongside his father to defend his lands, and in one night battle slew one of Takra’s favored warriors with his bow. This made Subotai a hated enemy of Takra, and Genzen Ri convinced Khadagan that his son’s destiny lay beyond the borders of Ekram. Subotai was sent away to seek the Path in other lands with the monk’s calm assurance that when the time was right to return he would know it.


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